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Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr


Harrisburg Happenings

Protections for Sexual Abuse Survivors Including Statute of Limitations Reforms Passed

The Senate approved a comprehensive package of bills to support survivors of sexual abuse, including legislation to reform the statute of limitations to give survivors a retroactive two- year civil window to file claims, according to Senator Wayne Langerholc Jr, (R-35) who strongly supported the bills.

During remarks on the Senate floor, Langerholc said his district was “ground zero for clergy sex abuse” and urged his colleagues “to act on truly historic reforms for victims that will reflect all four of the recommendations of a grand jury report released to the public last year,” opining that this legislation was clearly constitutional.

“We are here to do the right thing for the victims,” Langerholc said.  “Nothing will bring immediate justice, but we can build a solid foundation of action to enable every Pennsylvanian to vote on this legislation and ensure that it meets constitutional standards.”

The bills are designed to ensure victims are supported and all perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are held responsible for their heinous actions, Langerholc said.

The bills include:

  • House Bill 962, which would eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for the sexual abuse of a child, as well as associated crimes such as human trafficking. The bill also extends the deadline for civil actions from age 30 to age 55.
  • House Bill 963, which would amend the Pennsylvania Constitution to create a two-year window of time for retroactive lawsuits for victims whose statute of limitations has already expired.
  • House Bill 1051, which clarifies mandatory reporting standards for suspected cases of abuse and increases penalties for mandated reporters who continue to fail to report suspected child abuse.
  • House Bill 1171, which ensures survivors who sign non-disclosure statements are not prohibited from speaking with law enforcement regarding their abuse.

The bills are a culmination of years of effort to create effective and permanent laws to ensure perpetrators of sexual offenses against young people are held accountable by the legal system.

11/20/19 – Addressing Child Sexual Abuse

Senate Approves Bill to Make Online Training Available to Firefighters

The State Senate gave final approval to a measure that is intended to make firefighter training more accessible and affordable through online courses.

Senate Bill 146 ensures that online training would be voluntary and free to both career and volunteer firefighters. All available courses would be listed online, and developed under the leadership of the state Fire Commissioner.

Training requirements are often cited as a barrier to recruitment and retention, particularly for volunteers, because they can be costly and time-consuming, often demanding travel and time away from work and family.

Senate Bill 146 now goes to the governor for his signature. 

Senate Bill 950 – Legislation Against Governor’s Carbon Tax

I was proud to stand with my Senate and House colleagues against the Governor’s proposal to impose a carbon tax. This week we unveiled and discussed bills that will be introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives addressing Governor Wolf’s proposal to have Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).

SB 950 focuses on three main points:

  • Declares the legislature does not believe the Governor has the ability to unilaterally enter RGGI.
  • Codifies a process that allows the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to move forward with RGGI, which includes a public comment period, public hearings, and requires the DEP to submit their proposal to the General Assembly.
  • Requires legislative approval before the DEP can formally enter RGGI.

11/19/19 – Governor’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Plan

Visitors to the Capital, Mary and Dave Heller

I am always pleased to see constituents in Harrisburg. Mary and Dave Heller, owners of Olde Bedford Brewing Company stopped by the office to meet with me, tour the capitol and be introduced as my guests during session.

11/18/19 – Introduction of Guests, Dave and Mary Heller

Guest Chaplain, Reverend Walter Startzel

Special thanks to Reverend Walter Startzel from the First Lutheran Church in Johnstown who served as guest chaplain & offered the opening prayer for Senate session on November 19th. He was joined by his sister, Anna Wardrop. 

11/19/19 – Senate Guest Chaplain, Rev. Walter Startzel

District Happenings


For the first time in school history, the Richland Rams have entered the MaxPreps Small School National Top 25 rankings. Congratulations to Coach Bailey, his staff and the student athletes. Best of luck tonight as you take on Bishop McDevitt at the PIAA Class AA quarterfinal!

Picture Perfect

Check out this stunning window display at Bluefield’s Herbery in downtown Bedford.  A great background for your Christmas Photo!  Owner Lisa Hershman and her brother Joseph Shultz have once again created a window that would rival anything on 5th Avenue in New York City!

Occupancy Award Winners

Congratulations to Colonial Courtyard at Bedford and Colonial Courtyard at Clearfield teams on receiving the Occupancy Award at the 2019 Leadership Conference.

I’m proud to have both these facilities located in the 35th Senatorial District and I appreciate their outstanding efforts to provide exceptional service to their residents.

Evoke Bistro & Bakery Ribbon Cutting

Congratulations to owners Tyler and Corey Black for their new restaurant in downtown Bedford, Evoke Bistro & Bakery!

Welcome Primanti Bros!

Primanti Bros. IS OPEN! We are so very happy that you have chosen Johnstown, Cambria County, in the 35th Senatorial District, to open your new restaurant. We are honored and so proud.

Community Kindness Award

It’s always wonderful to see local business owners recognized for their community involvement. Congratulations to Tammy Wiley and Adam Wiley on this well-deserved Community Kindness Award! Thank you for all you do on behalf of Bedford County!


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