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Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr


SB 1209

On October 16, the House unanimously approved my legislation, Senate Bill 1209, which makes further strides to address Pennsylvania’s backlog of untested rape kits. This legislation passed the Senate unanimously in September, and now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature. I applaud my colleagues in the House for their affirmative vote, and look forward to the Governor’s signature.

SB1209 will amend The Sexual Assault Testing and Evidence Collection Act dramatically help reduce the backlog. Accordingly, it will:

  • Establish a commission of local and state agencies to annually review funding needs and improve communications
  • Establish a hotline for hospitals to call if a rape kit is not picked up within 72 hours; and
  • Clarify ambiguous language.

We possess the scientific means to collect and test evidence that will aid in the apprehension of these offenders.  Having a backlog for such a serious crime is unacceptable.

Cambria County Emissions Update

Last year, the Senate unanimously approved my Senate Resolution 168, which called for the Joint State Government Commission (JSGC) to conduct a study on the vehicle emissions standards in the Commonwealth and to look into the potential impact and the possibility of removing certain counties from the standards, including Cambria.  As the legislation called for the report to be issued this month, I look forward to receiving the finished product in the coming days or weeks.  That being said, the study and the information contained therein only represent the beginning of my steadfast commitment to removing this costly, outdated, unnecessary and burdensome requirement on the citizens of Cambria County.

Visitors to Harrisburg

I would like to remind constituents, to please feel free to stop in my office, Room 185, when you are visiting the capitol.  My staff and I welcome the opportunity to say hello to you.  If you are visiting on a session day, I can also introduce you as my guest during session.  Feel free to call 717-787-5400 if you know in advance that you will be visiting the capitol.  If you are interested in a capitol tour, you can schedule your visit online:

On October 16, the staff, employees and their families of the Cambria County Association for The Blind visited Harrisburg for their lobby day.  I had the pleasure of introducing them on the Senate floor as my guests.

10/16/18 - Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped

On October 17 members and volunteers from the Cambria County Library System in Johnstown stopped by my office while in Harrisburg for the Pennsylvania Library Association’s annual conference.

District Happenings:

Congratulations to the Moshannon Valley Junior/Senior High School and the whole Moshannon School District on becoming a Certified Energy Star School District. The school district will see a saving of $73,000 per year due to this project! Congrats and well done!


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