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  • World Champion Bo Bassett Returns to Johnstown
  • School Rocks Backpack Giveaway
  • Greater Things Food Distribution
  • Ebensburg Borough Homecoming
  • Bedford Open House – August 10
  • Grand Opening of Woody Lodge Winery LLC
  • GED Prep Classes
  • Veterans Food Drive Continues
  • Legislative Review: Pandemic Response
  • Senate Hearing Explores the Impact of the PA Workforce Shortage
  • DMVA: Important to Safeguard DD-214 Military Paperwork
  • Unclaimed Property Waiting for PA Residents
  • Plenty of PA Trip Ideas Available

World Champion Bo Bassett Returns to Johnstown

I attended a great event at Bishop McCort Catholic High School to honor Cadet World Wrestling Champion, Bo Bassett’s return home from Budapest, Hungary. Last week Bo, age 14, wrestled in the 16-17 age group and was named the Most Outstanding Wrestler of the entire Freestyle Event! Congratulations, Bo.  I look forward to introducing you to my colleagues in the Senate when we return to session. 

School Rocks Backpack Giveaway

School will be back in session before you know it so it’s not too early for those much-needed school supplies. Wireless Made Simple is giving away more than 2,500 backpacks stocked with supplies on Sunday, August 1st from 1 to 4 p.m. at 1459 Scalp Ave, Johnstown and 216 North 2nd Street, Clearfield. Additional locations for Pennsylvania are listed here.

Greater Things Food Distribution

Food will be distributed at Greater Johnstown High School, 222 Central Avenue, Johnstown, PA, starting at 1 pm on Saturday July 31, 2021 to those in need. Volunteers are needed starting at 11 am to unload the truck.

Ebensburg Borough Homecoming

Clear your calendar for the Ebensburg Borough & Community Homecoming starting tomorrow with the Downtown Shutdown. The celebration will be filled with live music, food, farmers market, children’s fishing derby and many other events to choose from for the whole family.

Bedford Open House – August 10

My Bedford office relocated to 129 E. Penn Street.  Please join me Tuesday, August 10, from 11 am to 1 pm.  We will be available to answer specific state government questions or explain the many legislative services we can offer.

Grand Opening of Woody Lodge Winery LLC

My staff attended the grand opening of the Woody Lodge Winery LLC. in Ashville, Cambria County. Congratulations and best wishes!

GED Prep Classes

Goodwill of the Southern Alleghenies is offering a free GED Prep Class. Call or Text 814-248-5322 to register.

Veterans Food Drive Continues

Historical Village Inc continues to collect food, paper goods, hygiene products for area veterans who need our help. You can take your donations to the Galleria Mall, as well as Hoss’s in Ebensburg or Johnstown.

For any questions, please call their office at 814-241-6123.

Legislative Review: Pandemic Response

When Pennsylvania voters chose overwhelmingly this year to amend the state Constitution and limit the length of a governor’s unchecked emergency powers, they were weighing in on ballot questions created through Senate legislation.

Other measures passed by the Senate this year to safely respond to the COVID-19 pandemic include:

Act 1 of 2021 amending the state Fiscal Code to allocate $569.8 million for Rental and Utility Assistance, $197 million for education programs, and $145 million to support Pennsylvania’s struggling restaurants and taverns as they cope with the devastation created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the governor’s mandated closings and restrictions. 

Act 21 of 2021 ensuring all waivers previously effective under the COVID-19 emergency will remain in effect until Sept. 30, 2021, unless sooner terminated by the authority which initially authorized the waiver.

Act 67 of 2021 allowing family members to safely visit long-term care facilities during a pandemic as essential caregivers. 

House Resolution 106 terminating the pandemic emergency declaration and ending the governor’s power to close employers, limit occupancy, suspend state statutes or issue stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19.

You can find a full list of bills of note passed by the Senate in 2021 here.

Senate Hearing Explores the Impact of the PA Workforce Shortage

The economic impact of the workforce shortage facing Pennsylvania employers was the topic of a public hearing Wednesday by the Senate Community, Economic and Recreational Development Committee.

Pennsylvania is facing a serious workforce crisis that is threatening our employers and slowing our economic recovery. Businesses across the Commonwealth have been forced to curtail their hours of operation or even close because of a workforce shortage. The panel heard from the PA Chamber of Business and Industry, local employers and the PA Restaurant and Lodging Association in order to fully identify the employers’ needs and the role the General Assembly can play in creating an environment for economic growth and job creation.

You can view hearing video and more here.

DMVA: Important to Safeguard DD-214 Military Paperwork

The Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs urges veterans to safeguard their DD-214. For veterans who have lost this important document, or family members who cannot locate it on a veteran’s behalf, the DMVA can assist in retrieving an official copy.  

The DD-214 is issued by the U.S. Department of Defense upon a military servicemember’s retirement, separation or discharge from active duty. It contains information needed to verify military service for benefits, retirement, employment and membership in veterans’ organizations. Without this key document, there could be a big delay when veterans seek benefits earned through their service to our nation.

The DMVA can also assist with locating the DD-215, which is used to correct errors or make additions to a DD-214, helping to assure that veterans have accurate discharge documentation.

Anyone needing assistance from the DMVA to locate their DD-214/215, or other military documentation, can call toll-free 1-800-547-2838 or email More information about locating military documents can be found by visiting the Records Request Program 

Unclaimed Property Waiting for PA Residents

Millions in unclaimed property is secured in the Pennsylvania Treasury vault. An updated website has been launched to help residents look for and retrieve their unclaimed property. 

Dormant accounts from financial institutions and other entities must be reported to the PA Treasury by April 15 each year. The vault includes tangibles such as jewelry, coins, collector cards and war medals previously abandoned in safe deposit boxes. In fact, one in 10 state residents have unclaimed property waiting for them.

Whether your search yields enough for a latte or a steak dinner or more, take a few minutes to enter into the Treasury’s database your name and the name of family members. For additional assistance, you may contact the Bureau of Unclaimed Property at 800-222-2046.  

Plenty of PA Trip Ideas Available

There’s plenty of summer left and plenty of ideas for getting away in our beautiful Commonwealth. can help you find day trips and more to lakes and beaches, experience hiking and camping, sample city life or explore our rich history.

Resources are available to help you plan your trip. You can also order a Happy Traveler Guide or view it online.

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