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Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr


Harrisburg Happenings

Summer Spotlight

Now that the state budget is signed, we now enter a season that is less fast paced and demanding, I would like to highlight some of the accomplishments I have been championing. Over the course of the upcoming weeks, I will be highlighting one area in each e-Newsletter that I am working in to better your community in a series I am calling Summer Spotlight.

This week, I would like to shine the spotlight on the work I have been doing to increase the rights and protections of crime victims. This year alone, the Senate has successfully had nine bills signed pertaining to Crime Victims’ rights. Of those nine, I am proud to say that I was the champion of three. Just this past Monday, the first bill, Senate Bill 399, was signed by Governor Tom Wolf and is now Act 29 of 2019.   Act 29 provides for basic rights for sexual assault survivors, including:

  • Preserving their rape kit, without charge, for the full statute of limitations.
  • Being informed of any result of sexual assault evidence kit results, including DNA matches and toxicology reports.
  • Being informed, in writing, of policies governing the collection and preservation of a sexual assault evidence kit.
  • Upon written request, receiving written notice within 60 days of intended destruction or disposal of evidence.
  • Upon written request, being granted further preservation of the kit.
  • Being informed of these rights.
  • Not being prevented from, or charged for, receiving a forensic medical exam.

The other two bills passed the Senate and are awaiting action in the House:

Senate Bill 425: allows victims to be present in any criminal proceeding unless the court determines the victim’s own testimony would be altered by hearing other witnesses.

Senate Bill 431: prevents prosecutors from bringing up the victim’s sexual history or prior allegations of sexual abuse while prosecuting certain crimes.


District Happenings

4th Annual Northern Cambria Heritage Festival

My staff had a great time at the 4th Annual Northern Cambria Heritage Festival last Saturday meeting and assisting citizens with state-related matters!

Center for Health in Richland Township

It was great to attend the Grand Opening of Empower3 Center for Health in Richland Township, Cambria County. What an amazing new model of healthcare that will make primary care easier and more accessible.

Coming Soon

I am excited to announce that I will be offering outreach hours at two new locations.  Offering outreach hours at these locations will allow residents to have access to the services my office provides, at no additional cost.  My staff and I can help you with a number of state-related matters including PACE and PACENET applications for senior citizens, property tax rent rebate forms, PENNDOT paperwork and many others.

Extreme Temperatures Approaching

Extreme heat can occur quickly and without warning. During extreme heat, evaporation is slowed and the body must work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature. As the mid-summer weather approaches, remember to prepare and be safe during periods of extreme heat!


Four Cambria County Schools Awarded Grants to Boost Nutrition

I am excited to share that four elementary and middle schools in Cambria County will receive grants totaling more than $138,000 to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to students during the school day.

The grants awarded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program expands the variety of fresh, healthy foods available to young people. Grant recipients include:

  • Conemaugh Valley Elementary School.
  • Ferndale Elementary School.
  • Greater Johnstown Elementary School.
  • Greater Johnstown Middle School.

These grants will help more young people understand the importance of eating nutritious foods, while at the same improving their ability to learn and be engaged in the classroom. Students not only perform better when they eat healthy, but are also more likely to lead longer and healthier lives if they learn the value of proper nutrition at an early age!

Grants Available

Do not miss out on this grant opportunity!

Click here for more information:

Upcoming Event:

Visitors to Harrisburg

I would like to remind constituents, to please feel free to stop in my office, Room 187, when you are visiting the capitol.  My staff and I welcome the opportunity to say hello to you.  If you are visiting on a session day, I can also introduce you as my guest during session.  Feel free to call 717-787-5400 if you know in advance that you will be visiting the capitol.  If you are interested in a capitol tour, you can schedule your visit online:


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