Sign the Petition: Stop the Automatic Gas Tax Increase!

Rampant and runaway spending, coupled with anti-American energy policies are leading to massive inflationary challenges across the nation. We continue to feel pain at the pump every time we fill up our cars or trucks.

This year will mark the first time in nearly a decade that the state’s gasoline tax will increase since the annual assessment of the wholesale price of gas will exceed $2.99 per gallon (last year, it was $1.92 per gallon). The law sets the floor of the wholesale price of gas at $2.99 per gallon, and anything above that will trigger an automatic gas tax increase set by the Department of Revenue.

Pennsylvania motorists are set to pay an additional $0.035 per gallon of gas and $.0444 per gallon of diesel due to this automatic increase. Enough is enough!  

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Thank you for participating in this petition and letting me know you want to STOP THE AUTOMATIC GAS TAX INCREASE in Pennsylvania!



Wayne Langerholc, Jr.
Senator, 35th District