Langerholc Issues Statement on RGGI Carbon Tax Veto Override Attempt

HARRISBURG – Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr.(R-35), offered the following statement after voting to override the governor’s veto of the resolution that disapproves of Pennsylvania joining the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):

“Far too often in Harrisburg the first answer is to levy a new fee, tax, or toll, but why? Is it because it is easy and does not require much creative thinking? RGGI will destroy our economy. Period. This country is upside down. Highest inflation in decades; no respect on the foreign stage; supply chain issues that are cataclysmic; and gas prices at levels never seen before.

“We are sent here by our constituents. The constituents in the mines putting their lives on the line to pull the coal from our earth. The constituents who work at the power plant ensuring that we have the energy to power our schools, hospitals and houses. The constituents whose job is ancillary to that industry and trust me there are many. 

“Today’s outcome is a disappointment and disservice to our Commonwealth. However, I will promise our constituents one thing – the fight is not over.”

Contact: Gwenn Dando

Langerholc: $1.2 Million Awarded for High-Speed Broadband

HARRISBURG – Funds for providing high-speed broadband in unserved areas were awarded today through the Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program (UHSB) according to Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35).

The program was created as a result of Langerholc’s legislation, Senate Bill 835 which was signed into law as Act 132 of 2020. 

“Several years ago, we heard the concerns of those in this Commonwealth that were denied access to reliable broadband. The pandemic highlighted the need for this essential service for education, work and economic development,” said Langerholc. “I am pleased that our efforts have come to fruition to provide funding for these vital projects for my constituents. We will continue to work towards our goal of ensuring all Pennsylvanians have access to broadband.”

One grant of $449,103 will provide for the construction of wired infrastructure in Allegheny Township, Cambria County. This will include the installation of 25 miles of fiberoptic cable to serve 400 residential and 50 business properties with higher broadband speeds.

The second grant of $818,962 will expand high-speed broadband networks in East Providence Township, Bedford County and Brush Creek Township, Fulton County by installing 74 miles of fiberoptic cable to serve 225 residential and 17 business properties.

Over $10 million in grants were awarded today by the Commonwealth Financing Authority under the Unserved High-Speed Broadband Funding Program.

Contact: Gwenn Dando

Langerholc, Pittman and Yaw to Introduce Resolution Urging President Biden to Restart the Keystone XL Pipeline

Harrisburg –  Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35), Senator Joe Pittman (R-41) and Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) announced their intent to introduce a resolution urging President Biden to restart the Keystone XL pipeline.

 This week, oil prices soared over $100 per barrel and currently, the United States imports over 800,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia. The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine jeopardizes the availability of this supply and casts a long shadow of uncertainty on future prices. 

“This resolution demands that we reengage in the discussion of energy independence,” said Senator Langerholc. “We must use the abundant natural resources that we and our allies have within our reach to put us on a path towards energy independence. While the Keystone XL pipeline is but one piece of this puzzle it represents a tangible solution to the problem. We cannot continue to be held hostage to foreign entities and radical environmentalists. The time for energy independence is now as is evidenced by the events on the world stage.” 

“Unless we act now to ramp up domestic oil and gas production, there will be little other way to shield Americans from extraordinary price increases,” Yaw said. “Although shortsighted climate rhetoric has left our national security at risk, we can still pivot and limit the impacts of this geopolitical crisis.” 

“For too long we have been distracted from the pressing dangers throughout the world by voices whose policies have given a strategic advantage to autocrats who have no concern for human life, only their own collection of power and wealth,” said Sen. Pittman. “The United States should pursue an all-out energy production effort to not only give our country independence from Russian-generated energy or any other energy produced by those who don’t share America’s interests, but also provide our allies with a supply of energy that doesn’t come at the cost of the freedom of other sovereign nations. The Keystone XL pipeline is critical to our national energy infrastructure and it’s also very symbolic of a desire to secure our energy independence for not only economic interests but national security interests.” 


Gwenn Dando (Langerholc)
Nick Troutman (Yaw)
Jeremy Dias (Pittman)

Langerholc Issues Statement on Increased Passenger Rail Service in Western Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh – Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35), chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, issued a statement regarding today’s announcement on the Commonwealth’s plans to invest in freight and passenger rail in Western Pennsylvania. 

“Today marks a historic milestone for the expansion of the Commonwealth’s multimodal transportation system.  This tremendous investment in the east-to-west freight corridor will enable an additional Amtrak train service from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg – a top priority of mine since being elected to the 35th Senate District.  Many years of advocacy, bipartisanship and compromise have finally resulted in more Amtrak trips to create jobs, revitalize communities and inspire outdoor activities.  I thank the collaborative leadership of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Federal Railroad Administration, Amtrak and Norfolk Southern for an impressive outcome that has been the goal of a vibrant constituency for increased passenger rail service in Western Pennsylvania.  Our work is not done, and I will continue to work diligently for more Amtrak investments, particularly from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to enhance multimodal connections throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”


Contact:  Gwenn Dando (

Langerholc’s Response to Governor Wolf’s Final Budget Proposal

HARRISBURG – Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) offered the following statement on Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed $45.7 billion General Fund Budget for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year:

“This is the sixth budget address that I’ve heard from Governor Tom Wolf. If enacted, today’s proposal by the Governor would put Pennsylvania on a path toward a financial deficit as early as next year. While ordinary Pennsylvanians are forced to pay more due to skyrocketing inflation and many Pennsylvania business owners are struggling to recover from the pandemic coupled with the difficulties of finding staff to open for business, now is not the time to send Pennsylvania off a fiscal cliff.

According to Senate Appropriations Committee budget projections, the governor’s plan will produce a $1.3 billion deficit for the 2023-24 fiscal year and create an even bigger bill for Pennsylvania taxpayers to pay long after the governor leaves office: a $13 billion deficit by 2026-27.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I look forward to participating in the upcoming hearings starting on February 22nd to ensure whatever is passed in June will be in the best interest of all the residents of the 35th Senatorial District and the Commonwealth.”

CONTACT: Gwenn Dando  

Meeting to consider SB 892, SB 925, SB 1031, SB 1051 and SB 1053

Senate Transportation Committee

Monday, February 7, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.

Room 461 Main Capitol Building


Meeting to consider SB 892, SB 925, SB 1031, SB 1051 and SB 1053


S.B. 892 Laughlin Expands the e-scooter pilot program to a city of the third class, boroughs and townships that pass an executive order.
A03663 Flynn Limits the pilot program to a city of the third class and second class A and makes technical changes.
S.B. 925 Regan Clarifies the violation for driving a vehicle at a safe speed.
S.B. 1031 Phillips-Hill and Langerholc Provides technical changes to address recent DUI court cases and improves the ignition interlock process from Act 33 of 2016.
A03531 Langerholc Removes the changes under Section 3807 from Commonwealth v. Chichkin.
S.B. 1051 Flynn Requires the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) to submit an annual report to the General Assembly regarding uncollected toll revenues.
S.B. 1053 Flynn Authorizes PTC to accept payments from third-party organizations such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash App and Zelle.

Langerholc Bill to Advance Highly Automated Vehicles Receives Bipartisan Support

Harrisburg – – Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35), chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, held a voting meeting today to consider Senate Bill 965 (Langerholc), which authorizes research institutions and companies to test and deploy Highly Automated Vehicles (HAV) in Pennsylvania.  The bill passed (12-2) with bipartisan support.

“Today’s bipartisan vote on this historic legislation builds-on the last five years of safely testing Highly Automated Vehicles in Pennsylvania,” said Senator Langerholc.  “As evidenced by my leadership to develop today’s comprehensive amendment, my door is always open to discuss the challenges and opportunities of this emerging industry.  I look forward to continuing the collaboration with Commonwealth agencies, stakeholders and constituents on this roadmap for Highly Automated Vehicles.”

Senate Bill 965 was introduced on January 5, 2022, at a bipartisan press conference in Pittsburgh.  After numerous discussions and meetings with stakeholders, the comprehensive amendment was drafted to address the following areas:

  • Codifies the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) HAV testing guidance,
  • Defines PennDOT’s regulatory processes to oversee the deployment phase,
  • Clarifies an HAV under the bill only applies to a firm, copartnership, association, corporation or research institution,
  • Requires a minimum of $1 million in insurance coverage; and
  • Studies the workforce impacts and mobility improvements for persons with disabilities.

The amendment was unanimously approved by the Senate Transportation Committee.  The bill as amended now heads to the full Senate for consideration.

Watch hearing

Contact:  Nolan Ritchie,

Voting meeting on SB 965, SB 866 and SB 891

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.

Room 8-EB, East Wing


Voting meeting on SB 965, SB 866 and SB 891


  • S.B. 965 (Langerholc): Authorizes the testing and commercial deployment of Highly Automated Vehicles (HAV) with or without a driver. 
    • A03565 (Langerholc): Defines PennDOT’s regulatory processes to oversee the testing and commercial deployment; clarifies an HAV shall only be owned and operated by a firm, copartnership, association, corporation or research institution; requires a minimum of $1 million for insurance coverage; and provides other technical changes.
  • S.B. 866 (Pittman): Designates the Carl E. Keith Memorial Bridge in Indiana County.
  • S.B. 891 (Pittman): Designates the Sergeant First Class Randy McCaulley Memorial Bridge in Indiana County.


Meeting to consider HB 763, HB 987, HB 1224, HB 1248, HB 1410, HB 1479, and HB 1560

Senate Transportation Committee

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.

Main Capitol, Room 461


Meeting to consider HB 763, HB 987, HB 1224, HB 1248, HB 1410, HB 1479, and HB 1560


H.B. 763 (B. Miller): Directs PennDOT to plant native vegetation in their right-of-way.

H.B. 987 (Hennessey and Carroll): Reinstates the operating privilege for individuals who committed non-traffic violations.

H.B. 1248 (Quinn): Modernizes the vehicle safety inspection to consider LED lighting.

H.B. 1410 (Fee): Establishes the Weigh Station Preclearance Program under the PA State Police.

  • Amendment A03433(Langerholc): Authorizes a GPS- or infrastructure-based program, and provides PennDOT and the Turnpike Commission with authority over weigh-in motion stations.

H.B. 1224 (Rowe): Designates the Chief of Police Tony M. Jordan Memorial Highway in Snyder County.

H.B. 1479 (Davanzo): Designates the John Michael Beyrand Memorial Highway in Westmoreland County.

H.B. 1560 (Stephens): Designates the U.S. Air Force Major James Doherty Memorial Highway in Bucks County.

Langerholc, Browne Bill Heads to the Governor’s Desk

(HARRISBURG) – The House passed legislation sponsored by Sens. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) and Pat Browne (R-16) that will assist students experiencing homelessness or those who transition between foster homes to stay on track to graduate high school.

Students experiencing homelessness or living in foster care may face additional graduation challenges because they changed schools before earning full credit or are unable to take a required course at their new school. Their new school also may not honor the credits they earned. Senate Bill 324 will remedy these roadblocks by requiring the school to designate a point person to review the student’s past transcripts and provide the essential support needed to aid the student to graduate in a timely manner.

“Far too often students in foster or juvenile systems don’t graduate on time – if at all,” Sen. Langerholc said. “Ensuring these young men and women do not fall through the cracks will provide the resources necessary for them to graduate on-time and be in a better position for success. ”

“The path to graduation isn’t about their hard work or determination in the classroom for many of the Commonwealth’s students, but instead the insurmountable roadblocks that delay or prevent them from completing their studies altogether,” Browne said. “I am proud to partner with Sen. Langerholc in authoring this legislation. It will help to remove these barriers, allowing for more young men and women to succeed and realize their potential.”

The bill would also provide students with other methods to demonstrate that their coursework has been satisfactorily completed so necessary credit can be awarded. If a student is ineligible to graduate from his or her new school, the new school may request a diploma be issued from the previous school, assuming the student met the previous school’s graduation requirements.

Senate Bill 324 now heads to the Governor’s desk for his signature.


CONTACT (Langerholc): Gwenn Dando, 717-787-5400
CONTACT (Browne): Matt Szuchyt     610-821-8468