Langerholc: $3 Million for Projects Coming to Cambria and Clearfield Counties

HARRISBURG – Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) announced today that three state Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grants totaling $3 million were awarded to projects in Cambria and Clearfield counties.

A grant of $1.5 million is for the construction of a hangar shell building at the John Murtha Cambia County Airport. Construction will include site preparation, laying foundation, preparation for extension of utilities, construction of a shell hangar building, and overall site integration with the airport layout.

“As chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, I recognize and appreciate what an investment in the John Murtha Cambria County Airport will yield for the residents of Cambria County. Improving infrastructure will recruit and retain vital industries, creating more workforce opportunities,” Langerholc said. “This funding will drive economic growth for the airport and surrounding communities.”

The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Cambria County is receiving $500,000 for renovation of the building, including improving access for visitors with disabilities and replacing windows and doors.

“The Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art has been part of our community for almost 50 years, offering informative programs, events and many exhibitions at one of its five locations,” Langerholc said. “I am pleased to assist the museum in receiving this grant so they can continue to provide our public with educational experiences.”

“These grants will be used to support two of Cambria County’s great assets,” said Representative Jim Rigby (R-71). “Along with funding that was approved for renovations to the Bottle Works in Johnstown, which I have been advocating for since taking office four years ago, the grants are applied for and awarded competitively. I applaud these local officials for being proactive in support of their individual entities and communities.”

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local Union 5 in Clearfield County will receive $1 million for the construction and renovation of a training center for rural electrical and telecommunication workers.

“Skilled workers are in high demand and are essential to our communities,” Langerholc said. “Once the construction and renovation of the training center is complete, apprentices will immediately work on electrical and telecommunication projects, learning the skills for a fulfilling career.”

RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects. RACP projects are state funded and cannot obtain primary funding under other state programs.


Contact: Gwenn Dando