Rigby, Langerholc Announce Grant for Future Johnstown Park

HARRISBURG – Floating boat docks and fishing piers near Johnstown’s proposed Inclined Plane Riverside Park will be made possible through a $200,000 grant being awarded today, according to Sen. Wayne Langerholc (R-35) and Rep. Jim Rigby (R-Johnstown).

“The park is going to be a great addition to the city and I’m proud to work with the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy to acquire this grant,” Rigby said. “Boaters are already accessing the Stonycreek River at the site where the park will be and the existing trails are already being used by mountain bikers, so this area is already ‘on the map.’ I’m excited to think of what will happen when the plan comes to fruition.”  

The park, which will cover approximately 90 acres, is just one component of the Inclined Plane hillside project that will revitalize the region to include an ADA-compliant river access point and expansion of walking and biking trails.

“I pleased to see these funds go to the Incline Plane Riverside Park project which will improve the access point from downtown and expand the trails leading to the river,” said Sen. Langerholc. “This is a great investment in our community and will improve the quality of life for area residents.”

The grants are funded by Act 13 of 2012, which collects an impact fee on all unconventional natural gas wells drilled in the state.

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