Langerholc Emissions Reform Bill Passes the Senate

HARRISBURG – Sen. Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) announced today that his legislation, Senate Bill 777, passed the Senate of Pennsylvania. Senate Bill 777 would exempt the five newest model year vehicles from the outdated emissions test and remove the gas cap testing requirement for subject vehicles without a gas cap.

“Pennsylvania’s vehicle emissions testing program needs its own inspection, since more fuel-efficient vehicles and electric vehicles are on the Commonwealth’s roadways,” Sen. Langerholc said. “It is time to end this outdated and unnecessary test. For years, Cambria County has demonstrated that its National Ambient Air Quality exceeds standards. I will continue to fight to get Cambria County removed from this onerous requirement.”

The Senate Transportation Committee held a public hearing on Sept. 27 to collect testimony on “Vehicle Emissions and Electrification.” The Department of Environmental Protection testified the air quality has clearly improved across the Commonwealth.

As the usage of fuel-efficient cars has become more widespread, a vehicle emissions test has proven to be less effective at reducing air pollution. Between 2010-19, there were over 21 million newer vehicles that passed the emissions test 99.65% of the time. Newer vehicles are consistently passing emissions tests due to newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the market.

“As the former Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, I applaud and support Sen. Langerholc’s continued leadership in reforming Pennsylvania’s vehicle emissions testing program,” said Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R-Westmoreland). “The passage of SB 777 is significant step in the right direction by saving money for Pennsylvania residents in 25 counties including Westmoreland by eliminating the unnecessary emissions tests on newer vehicles (5 years or less) which by new vehicle standard have already proven to surpass existing emission standards.”

Senate Bill 777 now heads to the House of Representatives.


Contact: Nolan Ritchie

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