Sen. Wayne Langerholc: Governor’s Budget Proposal Starts the Conversation

Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr.  (R-35), offered the following statement on Governor Tom Wolf’s $36.1 billion state General Fund budget for Fiscal Year 2020-21.

“As with any budget plan, the governor’s proposal is a starting point that will need vetted closely in the months ahead.”

“As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, I’m glad the governor’s plan continues to fund education at historic levels — giving every student the best chance to succeed.  However, I am disappointed that the governor’s proposal cuts funding for school safety grants from $60 million to $15 million.  This vital program has been extremely successful in providing the resources and funding to ensure that our schools and students are secure. Rather than cutting funding for this vital program, I believe we should be devoting more resources to a core government function — keeping our kids safe from harm.”

“Being a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I will play a key role in a three-week series of departmental budget hearings beginning on February 18.   The hearings provide an opportunity for the Appropriations Committee to receive testimony from cabinet secretaries and other administration officials detailing their plans for the upcoming fiscal year. The state’s current fiscal year ends on June 30.”

“We’ve gotten to this point by fiscal conservatism.  My focus during the upcoming budget process is to remain mindful of the many hardworking taxpayers of our Commonwealth and advocate for a budget that we can all live with — one that is within our means and continues to move this Commonwealth forward.”

Langerholc further commented on the governor’s call for gun reform, “In the wake of the actions taken by other state legislatures impacting our second amendment rights, I’m deeply concerned the movement this administration is taking on gun policy. I shall remain vigilant and steadfast in upholding responsible gun owners’ rights under the second amendment.”

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