Senate Education Committee Holds Public Hearing on Charter Schools

The Senate Education Committee, chaired by Senator Wayne Langerholc (R-35), held a public hearing today in Harrisburg to continue gathering information on charter and cyber schools and the role they play in public education in Pennsylvania. 

Among those testifying before the committee were representatives of cyber and charter schools, intermediate units, child and school choice advocates and research groups, who provided their perspectives on a wide range of issues surrounding charter schools, families and students.

During the hearing, several testifiers emphasized that charter and cyber schools provide important options to students and parents, have demonstrated success in their educational output, and should not be penalized by changes in funding formulas.  Others raised concerns about poor performance, cost and accountability, noting that school districts may be penalized because of any proposed flat-funding formulas. 

“In recent months, my committee has been soliciting input from a wide range of groups on how to provide fairer calculations for funding charter schools, make the best use of tax dollars, and ensure that our students in the Commonwealth have an educational system that helps them succeed,” Langerholc said.  “Our goal is to use this valuable information to develop comprehensive and balanced reforms that will guarantee that every student has access to quality education.”

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