Langerholc Hails Passage of On-Time State Budget

State Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) voted for passage of a $33.9 billion Pennsylvania budget that holds the line on spending, contains no new tax increases and includes record levels of state funding for public education and agriculture.

The new state budget calls for $12.8 billion in education funding, the largest-ever state investment in Pennsylvania’s schools.  Additionally, the General Assembly renewed $60 million in grant funding to protect students and teachers from violence in schools.  Other important investments include:

  • Basic Education funding increased by $160 million.
  • Special Education funding increased by $50 million.
  • Higher Education funding, including Community Colleges, up by 2%.
  • Career and Technical Education and Workforce Development, increased by over $20 million.
  • Agriculture funding increased by $19 million.
  • Funding for Rape Crisis and Domestic Violence Centers increased by 10%.

“We must give our kids all the tools and resources they need to succeed,” said Langerholc, who serves as chairman of the Senate Education Committee. “This is a vital investment that brings huge dividends to Pennsylvania.”

Langerholc said the budget also continues the state’s ongoing commitment to protect Pennsylvania’s students and school staff by restoring the Governor’s $15 million cut to the Safe Schools program and increasing the Safe School initiative to a total of $11 million.

“We also took the time to add funding and increase funding for programs that are important to the future and the safety of our communities,” said Langerholc. “Funding workforce development and agriculture, as well as increased funding to curb domestic violence are things that I’m particularly proud of.”

He noted the new budget will set aside $300 million in the state’s Rainy Day Fund, which held only $23 million prior to this year’s investment – enough to fund state government for only six hours.

“Taxpayers and families set aside money for tough times, and state government should be following that example,” he said. “We were determined to deliver an on-time, balanced budget that funds core government services with no tax increases.”

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