Langerholc Applauds Committee Passage of Bill to Provide Training & Job Opportunities for Individuals in Recovery

The Senate Labor and Industry Committee today approved legislation sponsored by Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) that would provide an important tool in combatting the state’s growing heroin epidemic and assisting those in recovery.   Senate Bill 118 would establish the “Recovery to Work Pilot Program” to help individuals in recovery obtain meaningful employment opportunities.  Langerholc offered the following statement on his bill.

“It is no secret that the heroin and opioid epidemic has ravaged our communities.  We have reacted as a General Assembly and have enacted meaningful legislation across a wide-range of disciplines to effectively combat this epidemic,” said Langerholc. “One important area, yet often overlooked, is the vicious cycle that many individuals fall into when trying to find, secure, and maintain steady employment with a history of a substance use disorder. Meaningful employment is essential to an individual’s long-term recovery as it provides a renewed sense of purpose and will help make for a healthier and more prosperous community, take individuals off government assistance and into contributing taxpaying members of society.”

“The goal of the pilot program is to connect individuals in recovery with meaningful occupations through local workforce development boards.  We have jobs available in this Commonwealth. We have a shortage of workers.  This bill will help bridge that gap, tempered with assisting individuals in recovery.”

Senate Bill 118 now goes to the full Senate for consideration.


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