Sen. Langerholc Issues Statement on Awarding of $175,137 for UPJ REACHland Connect Project

Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) offered the following statement on the awarding of a $175,137 grant to the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown through the state’s Multimodal Transportation Fund for Phase Two of a major campus connectivity project.

“I’m so pleased that UPJ has been awarded this funding to complete the Richland Sidewalk/Bike path project, also known as REACHland Connect. 

Last year, UPJ received a state grant of $500,000 for the first Phase of the important project.  This latest grant will enable UPJ to move forward with the construction of a trail and sidewalk that will facilitate pedestrian and bicycle traffic between the university and Richland School District.

The project includes installation of 2,920 linear feet of sidewalk along Theater Drive and Eisenhower Boulevard that will connect to work underway in Phase One, and two painted crosswalks at the Theater Drive intersections to ensure safe pedestrian crossings

The improvements to infrastructure will make it easier for students and area residents to access important services and facilities safely and conveniently.

This project is critical to economic development and public safety.  I thank all of those who worked so hard to make this a reality.”