Johnstown’s New Natural Gas Fueling Station Huge Win for Region, Senator Langerholc Says

HARRISBURG (April 20, 2017) Senator Wayne Langerholc, Jr. (R-35) joined Pennsylvania Department of Transportation leaders, local elected officials, and transit representatives in unveiling the state’s first natural gas charging station in Johnstown as part of a new public-private partnership.

Senator Langerholc noted that today’s grand opening at CamTran offices, located at 502 Maple Avenue, green-lights the use of a greater number of natural-gas powered vehicles on Pennsylvania roads.  It also spotlights the need for legislation he has introduced to increase the maximum allowable weight of commercial vehicles powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) to 2,000 pounds.

Senator Langerholc’s legislation, Senate Bill 589, promotes the use of the cleaner-burning fuel and will potentially draw more companies who rely on CNG to power their fleet to the Commonwealth.

“It’s no secret that the subject of natural gas is something that’s been talked about across Pennsylvania. From the shallow wells that have been giving access to natural gas to our homes for decades to the recent utilization of Marcellus Shale, the ability to harness the usefulness of natural gas is something that we’ve all benefited from in one way or another for many years,” Langerholc said.  “It’s only recently that the ability to compress natural gas into a viable fueling source for large vehicles has been realized nationwide, and we are lucky to have such an abundance in our region to draw from,” Langerholc added.

As part of the state’s initiative, the private company Trillium will build and operate the Johnstown station and 28 other CNG fueling stations at transit facilities around the state.

“Protecting the environment, saving fuel costs, developing new technologies, and reducing our dependence on foreign fuels are all goals we are moving toward with this station today. CamTran and the Commonwealth are taking the on-ramp to an alternative fuel that is socially responsible, fiscally sound, earth-friendly and made in Pennsylvania,” said Langerholc, who is Vice-Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee.
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